Daring. This figure is truly daring. After waiting for a less conservative figure of GUMI to be made, the wait is finally over. Mamama delivers a figure that not only portrays Megpoid at what could arguably be her best, but also explores a more provocative approach to the idol based vocaloids that GUMI is.

The power of V3 GUMI. It all begins with a whisper. Except it does not — this is more of an explosion of colours and shapes. One of the most noticeable things here is the use of colour theory for GUMI’s outfit. Contrary to her traditional yellow paling under her green hair, this outfit shines orange with regions of green. Not only does this bring up the green in Megpoid herself, but also proves that a well designed outfit does wonders with the right colouration and design.

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Magic, absolute and simple magic. When trying different keyboards finding slight differences between switch types or the build of the board itself always proves to be something of consideration: What the keyboard is going to be used for, the kind of feedback that is being looked for, and a few other design-related notions have to be considered. Coming from a coding background and after spending most of my time writing papers and reports or gaming, I had quite an open mind for the beauty that the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 is. I was really caught of guard by the actual product.

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Blasting with her charms and ripping holes thorough the very fabric of time and space comes Kotobukiya’s Megpoid with her lovely charm and incredibly sculpted being. Probably the most conservative GUMI figurine that has been sculpted up to now, this figurine displays GUMI in her traditional attire with no twists and no surprises. This is GUMI at her GUMI-est.

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Closing the old year and opening the new one with a bang comes Algernon Product’s Junko Enoshima figure from Danganronpa.

Initially released much before the animation of the videogame came through, this figure surely opened the path for the visual loveliness that was thee animation, which remained ever so loyal in its looks to its source material. Much like the animation, this figure has a bit of that gorgeousness through its sleek curves and great contrasts.

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After much anticipation, and a single delay in its release, this figure was finally released to the world, and shipped to the void that was expecting her within my collection. This figure marks the beginning of a new stage in my figure collecting as I had never before owned a fashion doll, and it also brings its own share of loveliness as this is the only official Yuno Gasai figure there is at the moment, which is quite the sad notion since this character surely deserves more attention than it gets – with her being the single most explored yandere character in recent media.

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